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Cleanse Schedule

Schedule is from Monday through Friday each week except for holidays.
We close for all major holidays

You can begin your cleanse on any week day.

Jill's Cleanse is designed to allow people on the go to continue their normal daily life while clearing the body of toxic residue, resting the digestive tract and boosting the immune system. The recipes have been developed with specific intentions, using the concentrated energy of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, anti oxidants and trace elements in all parts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Taking in uncooked and untreated whole foods gives us the benefit of what Mother Nature has provided while striving toward better health both physically and emotionally.

NOW is the time to take action! Look after the body you have, nourish it, with healthy clean food, give it the exercise it needs, you will extend your life by years and maintain good health. Give your body a life changing experience, and sign up for a cleanse today!

To sign up go to registration page, or if your already registered, click here to Log In and purchase a cleanse.


  1. Early AM RUSH - $20.00 per day.
  2. Regular - $12.00 per day
  3. Above 96th Street - $25.00 per day
  4. Downtown Brooklyn - $12.00 per day
  5. For out lying Boroughs i.e. Queens/greater Brooklyn, etc. Call for delivery prices.
  6. If you require the delivery person to wait, they are instructed to wait 5 minutes then leave at message center. If it is redelivered you may be charged extra. Please be considerate of others on the route, thank you.
  7. Out of state deliveries are available through FedEx

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