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How is your cleanse different?

A. Our menu changes daily. We use a variety of blended foods using the concentrated nutrients of whole fruits and vegetables for optimum nutrition.

How should I expect to feel during the cleanse?

A. You will go through different phases during the cleanse, you could feel flu like symptoms, tired or light headed, sometimes even nausea initially, however if you follow the program this will pass and you start to see positive changes in your skin, your eyes and your energy level will increase. Sleep patterns can change, you may rest better and you may need less sleep.

How much weight will I lose?

A. Each person has a different metabolism. If there is weight to be lost and you follow the program and are eliminating correctly, you could lose several pounds.

Why is the order of drinks important?

A. Following a consistent order helps you to discipline yourself. The order is designed specifically to help you through each day safely and without raising your blood sugar levels.

If I feel hungry what can I eat?

A. Generally speaking the feeling of hunger is more from not being able to chew. Usually this passes after the first day, however there are exceptions and after speaking to a client I do offer solutions.

“It is helpful to remember those less fortunate than our selves those who never have enough food to eat.”

If I am constipated what will I do?

A. It is important to make sure you are hydrated, by drinking enough water between drinks. Sometimes because of the state of our colons the natural peristaltic action stops working correctly when we do not chew. I encourage people to simulate chewing this will activate the enzymes at the beginning of the digestive tract. I also encourage people to use Pro biotics. If necessary a mild laxative can be taken, a Magnesium based laxative is more gentle on the system. You may also want to consider a colonic.

Is having a colonic important?

A. The large intestine is where many of our toxic waste products accumulate sometimes sticking to the walls. Incomplete elimination can prevent us from reaching optimum health and vitality. Colonics are a way to facilitate and help correct this, particularly during the cleanse when toxic wastes surface more and may cause the body to feel uncomfortable. Trained Hydrotherapy Practitioners use comfortable techniques to cleanse the colon. We have several recommendations.

Would the cleanse change my metabolism afterwards?

A. If you break the cleanse correctly and follow through with some simple dietary changes it may be possible to alter your metabolism.

I have an Important dinner to attend what should I do?

A. If you are comfortable taking your Soup with you and having the restaurant serve it too you in a bowl this would be ideal. Either that or ordering a simple vegetarian broth or a simple salad with Olive Oil and lemon will not affect the cleansing process too much. (Most restaurants will accommodate you if you call ahead)

Is it okay to exercise?

A. Yes, in fact I encourage exercise even if just light cardio to raise the heart rate and encourage elimination through the skin, our largest organ in the body. If you are an avid exerciser or athlete you may have to do a lighter regime, listen to your body and hydrate well.

Should I continue taking my supplements?

A. It will be fine to take a few days off, while cleansing, you are getting adequate nutrition throughout the 5 days. If you decide to continue your supplements be aware that Vitamin B complex may cause you to feel light headed or nauseous so I recommend you don’t take this during this time.

How long can you do a cleanse?

A. There are many different cleanses and an extended cleanse may be done under supervision. I recommend starting with the 5 day cleanse to really feel the benefits.

How often should I cleanse?

A. Four times a year with the change of seasons and any other time the body feels sluggish or if you are not eliminating well.

What if I can't finish the whole bottle?

A. If it is making you feel too full then just drink what you can. Drink each bottle slowly and consciously

How many calories?

A. Approximately 1200 hundred calories per day.

If have food allergies am I still able to cleanse?

A. We accommodate those who have allergies and will customize accordingly.

I can't have dairy products

A. We do not use animal products in our cleanse it is 100% vegan.

How should the juices be stored?

A. Best to keep them stored in a refrigerator and serve room temperature.

I am taking medication and have a medical condition can I still do the cleanse?

A. First speak to your Physician. There are certain medical conditions and medications where Cleansing is not recommended, particularly diabetics without supervision or if you are pregnant.

What if I am Breastfeeding?

A. Your baby needs full nourishment while breastfeeding, supplementing your regular diet with a few drinks could be beneficial but I would always check with your physician first.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions.