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endorses the Jill's Cleanse
"Today, I was so excited to start cleaning out my body and I felt so grateful."

I respect those who start trends from years ago.. Jill Pettijohn 's juice cleanse is still top notch. I feel safe on her cleanse bc she is a registered nurse. She did the recipes for Mark Hyman, MD's new #1 book 10 Day Detox Diet amongst many other of our favorite doctors' books like Alejandro Junger MD's CLEAN.. She is the wizard behind it all! www.jillscleanse.com — with Jill Pettijohn at Bouley Botanical.
- Rachel Goldstein

BEST cleanse ever!!! I highly recommend Jill Pettijohn's cleanse. I am on day one and it is the fourth time I have done it. Anyone who wants to detox and feel energized and CLEAN try this cleanse. You will feel amazing after 3, 4 or even 5 days (which I strongly encourage...). You won't feel hungry or deprived. And sure to feel like a million dollars at the end!
- Brooke Gomez

"Breast cancer surgeries and chemotherapy had left me fatigued and toxic.
I wanted to cleanse but needed to live my life too. So I tried Jill's Nutritional cleanse and found I was never hungry, felt satisfied and it really helped curb cravings. My energy increased and I was able to take care of my family, exercise and cleanse. The juices taste great (and I have tried other cleanses). I am now working them into my everyday routine. thank you Jill. I am getting back to the person I was before cancer."
- Erin

"I just want to say that there a lot of cleanses becoming popular in the NYC area right now but yours seems to be the only one that is nutritionally sound. It seems almost more like a nutritional replenishment than it does a cleanse. I like to use your cleanse to help regain balance. As a "NYC foodie" and pastry chef I eat terrible (but delicious) foods, very frequently. The side effects often include some weight gain, sluggishness, and an overall feeling of being lethargic. Your cleanse helps to restore me back to my normal chipper energetic self. Thank you! "
-- Deborah Edell (owner of Perry Street Cakes)

What was your over all reaction to the cleanse?

  • It works very well for me in the short term. I'd be interested in learning ways to extend the benefit in the long term.

  • Amazing, I loved every minute of it.

  • I Loved it and felt great after the first day. I could have gone another five days!!

  • A GOOD EXPERIENCE Beneficial in that it helped me get onto a more even keel with eating patterns.

  • The Lemonade is Extraordinary!! Everything has this wonderful nut milk consistency. The week suggests a one on one consultation when should I schedule this?

    Stay brilliant! And best,

I can honestly say that this cleansing experience has changed my life. Although it was difficult at times to confront my habits and how I use food; the end result is a deeper awareness and understanding of how I can change my habits and in doing that create a shift in my life. I have heard people speak of the clarity they gain when they cleanse but now I have had the privilege of experiencing it for myself. Jill provides a comprehensive buffet of liquid enjoyment from green juice to nuts milks, lemonade and soups. I never really felt hungry because I was being well nourished. I am definitely changing the way I taste and consume the world. Jill, thank you so much for everything. I will definitely be doing this again sometime in the near future.
Laura Tulumbas Juell Yoga Instructor, NYC

I thought it might be unpleasant and difficult and the juices watery and not "tasty", it was nothing like that. It was delightful!!!

Dear Jill,
Thank you immensely for this opportunity and this fantastic voyage. Wow, it's been an incredible week. And I truly enjoyed every passing minute of it. The nutritional fast was easier than I expected. There was no feeling of hunger ever, just pure enjoyment in the fact that I was feeding my body with great nutrients. It has been a definite physical, emotional, mental and spiritual high. I feel so much more attached with my own body and at the same time floating above it, almost like my soul has separated from body but still attached.

I complemented your cleansing program with a colonic before I started (my first ever!!!! now I am hooked), a colonic on day 3 (which was incredible as it was accompanied with reflexology), and I will have a colonic after this week. Also, acupuncture and I started pilates and did workouts on day 2 and day 4. Hopefully, this weekend I will do a massage as well.

This had been a real life change and my spirt is soaring. And I wanted to send a much heart-felt thank you for all of this.
Jeffery Kong

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